Quality Inn and Suites Everett
101 128th St Se
Everett, WA 98208-6337

Found 3 reports:

I stayed here two nights and on the second day noticed the 6 bites on my hip. I was in room 406. I did not check the bed for bugs.

I was staying in this hotel and sitting on the couch in my suite. I felt like a bite on my arm, took a look and saw nothing. I thought not much about it but about 10 minutes later I saw there was a bed bug crawling on me. I reported to the front desk right away and attendant said it isn't one. I printed off a bed bug on their computer.

Stayed the night of May 3, 2012. I slept in room 310, I believe. The room was fine, but I have come away with 10 to 15 bed bug bites. I have never had them before, but they are clustered especially around my legs, in groups of 3 or 4. It took about three days for the bites to get inflamed and itchy.

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