Red Lion Hotel Bellevue
11211 Main St
Bellevue, WA

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I stayed at the Red Lion Bellevue on 3/19/2014, 3/20 and 3/21. After the first trio of bites on 3/19 I wasnt' totally positive they were from the hotel, but that was confirmed when I received 3 more on each of the following nights. I was reluctant to bring it up until I was sure due to the serious (and embarrassing) nature of this issue. The front desk was understanding, and at first offered to comp my stay, but after conferring with the the manager, said that they could not do anything and t

hat all would have to be handled by "corporate", which I have not as of yet heard from. It was particularly embarrassing to have to explain to my friends that I was visiting next that I did not want to bring my bag into their house because of the risk of bed bugs from the Red Lion infesting their place too.

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I stayed in one room for two nights. On the second morning I found what I thought could be a rash on my back, but I did not take any chance. I told the morning clerk that I suspected the room had bedbugs and I wished to be moved. She informed me that they could not be bedbug bites because they would be on my leg.

The rash continued to grow on my back, sides, shoulders and finaly to my hand. I was traveling from out of town, but my co-workers informed me of a new doctor's treatment center our

office offered. I visited the doctor and she confirmed that I did not have a rash or allergic reaction, but I indeed had bedbug bites.

I made the report to the hotel that afternoon. They refunded my hotel stay, but I waiting to find out what else they will do. I have to decontamiate my luggage, clothes, etc. I have left my clothes in the garage. I'm washing what I can in hot water and drying them hot.

Yesterday the hotel informed me they took dogs through the room and found no bedbugs. Surprise - I didn't have bedbugs when I got there.

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