Hyatt Regency Bellevue
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My stay was August 12th through 17th. Each morning that I woke in room 2316, I had new bites. I didn't realize that these were bed bug bites until day 5 because I didn't get very many bites. Nevertheless, I had new bites each morning that I woke. The bite marks itched badly. After researching the bite and the symptoms extensively, I realized that they were bed bug bites. Once I figured that out, I didn't want to pack my things to move to another room since I had only one nite left of my st

ay. I slept on top of my sheets with a blanket that Housekeeping provided and didn't receive any bites that night. I was relieved to leave that room.

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Stayed on Valentines night on 13th floor of old tower. Nice room, comfortable bed. I woke up with a bite on my face and my significant other also had a bite on her hand.

May 15-17. Awoke to find bites on torso and feet. A call to the front desk made it seem like I was bothering them. Worst hotel ever.

Stay here 1.27.2013-1.29.2013.
the first morning had 10 bites on thigh.
Checked out on 1.29.2013 and will monitor if bites become rash.

reported to management. management said there's no complaints from any other guess.

Stayed in the old tower on March 5 & 6, 2012, checked out on the 7th. (I stayed previously in the new tower.) On my second night, I was awakened at 4am with bites on my face and arm. When I checked out, I reported it to the front desk manager, and she ordered a pest inspection and said she would call me that day to give me the results, and she would send me the report, which she did. The report was negative. Now, a week later, the bites have turned into rashes and have spread to a number of part

s of my body. Tomorrow, I am headed to a dermatologist for a diagnoses and treatment. Over the phone, they told me it could be bed bugs, and often hotels are not forthcoming with the information.

I have gotten back in touch with the front desk manager, and she was sympathetic. I told her I am headed to the doctor; she asked to see the report and the hotel will evaluate if they will compensate me for my inconvenience. I'll post another update when there is more to report.

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I was staying in a room in the older tower and woke up with bites on my legs on July 26,2011. The next day I was working at my desk when I saw a large bed bug crawling on my shoe under the desk. I killed it, called management and they came up to positively identify the bug. They said they would quarantine my room, rooms above/below/beside, treat the room and crank the heat several days to kill off the pests. They offered me a room in the newer tower, which I refused. I didn't want to wake up

with anymore bites or a hitchhiker in my luggage.

The best they could do was comp my parking and get me a room at a partner hotel downtown Seattle, because Bellevue was sold out. I shook every piece of clothing in my luggage and doused my clothing/luggage with Lysol.

I received a call from the Housekeeping Director the following week saying, "Good News! We had your room inspected and there was no trace of bed bugs!" He went on to say how he'd like to talk to me about the experience, but I never called back. Really? What kind of message is that? Was I a liar and was the housekeeping manager blind to see that I killed a large bed bug that was crawling on my shoe? I would expect more from a Hyatt Hotel. This goes to show they probably checked someone right into that room, without any bed bug treatment. Absolutely disgusting.

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On behalf of my bed bug infested home; let me tell you how non-concerned the Hyatt in Bellevue is about reimbursing me
for my now bed bug infested home! I stayed for 10 hours after discovering itchy bites on both legs.
Upon leaving in the middle of the night, they assured me that precautions are taken toward prevention (like the white powdery substance left in plain site on the headboard behind mattress/boxspring)!
Thanks Hyatt Regency of Bellevue, WA.
To whom may I send the bill of eradi

cation in my home?
My stay was on October 28th, 2010 in the "older" tower.
I've found two adult bed bugs and a nymph casing in my home since then!
They're all in ziplock bags ready to be officially
diagnosed, however, the weekly bites are pretty tell tale signs!

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On behalf of the Hyatt Regency Bellevue, please allow me to reach out to you regarding your stay at our property.

We take every report of bed bugs very seriously. If a guest reports that he or she may have found bed bugs, we take swift action. We immediately remove the room from service and call in a nationally recognized pest control expert to investigate the room and take all steps necessary to address the situation.

The safety of our guests and the cleanliness of our facilities are top

priorities. The trained and knowledgeable staff at Hyatt Regency Bellevue are one of the best lines of defense along with our regular inspections. We pride ourselves on keeping our teams equipped with the knowledge, training, and tools needed to identify and address any issues, and we regularly review our housekeeping standards and procedures to ensure that each Hyatt guest enjoys a safe, clean and comfortable environment in our hotels.

I invite you to contact me at the hotel if you can provide us with more information about your stay and these alleged incidents, such as the dates and room number. We encourage all of our guests to report any alleged incidents to us promptly so we can quickly address the situation.

Sid Ramani
Executive Assistant Manager - Rooms Division
[email protected]

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I had a number of bites in the morning of Aug 14th, the second day of a two day stay, that became a rash during the day.

I washed all the clothes in my suitcase in hot water when I got home but a week later I had bed bugs in my bed at home. I live in a single family house. I have never had bed bugs and had only visited this hotel on this trip. I am currently trying to get rid of the bugs.

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