Embassy Suites Hotel Seattle - Bellevue
3225 158th Ave Se
Bellevue, WA

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We checked into the Embassy Suites Hotel on March 18th. We have stayed at this facility several times in the past and always enjoyed the hotel. We we got to our room, and as we always do, pulled back the sheets and mattress cover to check for any evidence of bedbugs. There was a dead bug on the mattress - but we were not sure it was a bedbug. We called the front desk; they sent someone up to look, who said, yes - that is a bedbug.

We requested to be moved to a different room. We went thro

ugh the same checking routine, and saw another shriveled up bedbug on the mattress. We called the desk again. A front desk representative came up, and we agreed there was another bedbug here.

They offered a third room, but at this point we requested the hotel book us in a different hotel - the Hilton Garden Suites in Issaquah. The desk was helpful in doing this, and agreed that they would pay for the difference in price. However they would initially not pay for breakfast at the new hotel since it was not included in the room rate.

When we got to the Hilton Garden Inn, our reservation was all in order and the Embassy Suites did end up paying for our breakfast. We had a wonderful stay at the new hotel.

Our thanks to Embassy Suites for remedying the situation. They were generally very helpful - and coming through with breakfast at the new hotel was a nice touch.

The Embassy Suites is currently being renovated and hopefully the situation will be remedied.

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