Days Inn Bellevue
3241 156th Ave Se
Bellevue, WA 98007

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30 Sept 14 check in - 4 oct 2014
1. On Tuesday, 30 September 2014, I checked into the Days Inn Bellevue, WA 98007. I was travelling form Portland, OR for business presentations at Microsoft, etc.
2. I was assigned to room number 366.
3. I was astounded to wake up the following morning. I was covered in bites on one leg, both arms, chest, neck and chin that appeared to be from bed bugs, later confirmed by internet research and finally a medical doctor. I sustained over 100 bites.
4. There wa

s a smear of blood on the sheets where my hands and wrists were. and I actually found a killed onebug on the sheet that I placed a towel around.
5. I requested a new room and was transferred to Room 344.
6. It took many calls to the GM/Owner, Seok Ha Koh, to finally get the hotel to consent to clean my pajamas. I did not want to sleep in bug infested pajamas.
7. I woke up the following day in the new room and I was now experiencing even more bites and becoming blisters and intense itching.
8. The GM/Owner of the hotel was at this point continually unavailable, had just stepped out, and would call back. I wanted to have all my clothes cleaned prior to returning to my residence and thus infecting my home with Days Inn bed bugs.
9. The owner never returned my many, many calls. I asked my Company CFO to contact the manager on my behalf.
10. The Owner/Manager did not call back the CFO either and the “front desk” kept advising the owner was unavailable, just stepped out, was busy, and would call back. He never did.
11. The CFO finally made contact with the owner after opining that this was his last call and requested that my clothes be cleaned to avoid contamination of my home. The owner refused. Opined no hotel would do that. Advised he had moved room and cleaned my pajamas and that was enough. The CFO advised the owner was combative and antagonistic when pushed as to whether he was willing to clean my clothes and brought up that he had a lawyer in an attempt at intimidation. The CFO terminated the call after this threat.
12. I visited a physician when I returned to Oregon. The physician confirmed the bites were bed bugs and that it was the worst case of bed bug bites she had ever seen. I can provide documentary evidence and photos to substantiate this fact if so required.
13. This hotel facility treated this issue in an unforgivable way, They just moved me to another room and subjected some other poor unsuspecting guest to this bed bug horde that has infested Room 366 and no doubt Room 344.
14. They showed no concern whatsoever about my health and well being. All I wanted was to have my clothes cleaned and they opined that no hotel will do that.

This hotel should be penalized for exposing me and other guests to bed bugs that they apparently consider a minor issue.
It is now 2 weeks later and the bite marks are still prominent I will most likely endure scarring and will seek help from a dermatologist soon.

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