Super 8 Motel, Winchester
1077 Millwood Pike
Winchester, VA 22602-4311

Found 4 reports:

My husband stayed here one night first weekend in August 2012. Woke up with bug bites and BUGS all over his ankles, legs, genitals!!!!!!!!! YUCK!

We entered the room 109 just after 8 PM, dropped our belongings off and went out to find something to eat. Returned and watch TV until about 11 PM when my daughter found the bugs crawling on her pillow.

We immediately grabbed our belongings and asked for an immediate refund. We decided not to stay in another hotel and instead drove straight home.

My Wife and I stayed one night(7/24/2011)at this motel in Room 115.We woke up covered in bites. This place is infested. DON'T STAY AT THIS MOTEL.

When we checked in to this motel in June 2010, the motel did not look well kept but we were tired from driving over 10 hours and we wanted to stop overnight.

I asked the woman at reception if they had a problem with bedbugs. She confirmed that there had been problems 6 months ago but they had resolved it. We did not see any evidence of any bedbugs, but I felt really uneasy all night and had a feeling that they were there. I know this is not evidence but people should know that it is a possib

le problem. We will never stay at this motel again.

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