Howard Johnson
6483 Richmond Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23188-7202

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Checked in 03/02/2012, @4am next morning 03/03/2012 my wife found a bedbug at her feet, I pulled all the sheets and found a small hole in the mattress that 2 more bedbugs were present in the hole. I carry a flashlight and magnifying glass when we travel and checked the room very well when we checked in and found nothing, after finding the 3 bedbugs the next morning I turned the mattress and looked but did not find any more. Went to front desk with a live bedbug and showed it to them, he looked

at it,killed it, threw it in the trash and said that was the first time they found any on the first floor. Our vacation was cut short to 1 day because we had to go straight home and wash everything and our suitcase will be outside for weeks. LESSON: I checked room very well when we arrived(pulled sheets,flipped chair cushions) and found nothing. We will pay the extra money for hotels for the peace of mind in the future.

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