Hampton Inn
718 Bypass Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185-2931

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I stayed with my family at Hampton Inn from 28 November to the end of the month. On the second night I got bitten, and I told the staff about it, and asked them to check the beds, but I didn't know whether they did so.I am horribly bitten, the bites can swell to as big as my finger. I feel really horrible now.

I checked into this hotel on 9-22-11 and did a check for bedbugs and found no sign. Before getting into bed for the night, I double checked between the sheets and found two bedbugs. I then went down to the front desk and asked for large trash bags to pack up all of my stuff. I told him what I had found and that I was leaving not to bill me. He gave me the general managers name and number to call the next day. I did not want to have any of them on my shoes when I got in my car, so before leaving

my room, I shook my shoes out over the sink to be on the safe side and had 3 more fall out into the sink. The next day I talked with the general manager and he said that he had the room check and found no bedbugs, he also said he had the room treated. I threw out all of my luggage and clothes to make sure I did not bring any home. I travel all over the east coast on business but I will never stay there again.

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First off I will say that it's a real shame that this hotel is so nice, but a rude staff and a rude manager will RUIN anything. We stayed at this hotel from June 6th 2011 to June 10th 2011. I am a seasonal employee who stayed at this property, every morning my friend would wake up with bites on her, since we were going to the water park during the day and then out at night we just assumed that it was from being outside. On the 2nd day of our stay there was a cockroach in one of our beds, we c

alled the front desk and the lady who barely spoke English came up and got it, apologized and said this hotel NEVER has bugs. As an employee I know that it's possible for ANY property to have bugs, so I shook it off. On the last morning of our stay my friend woke up with bug bites on her stomach, I then knew that it wasn't from being outside, she works in property management and decided to take the bed apart and look for bedbugs. We removed the sheets from the mattress and found a tiny bedbug crawling around. We immediately called the front desk and demanded that a manager come to the room, 45 minutes later we were still waiting. During the said 45 minutes we videoed this little critter crawling around and took pictures. My friend decided to grab a housekeeper from the hallway; the housekeeper came in and said she would call her manager. The housekeeping manager came in and said "eww what's that. She had on rubber gloves and SQUASHED the bug with her finger, killing it. She said “I don’t know what bedbugs are, I’ll can call the manager at the COMFORT INN across the street and see if they can look at them". She then took the dead bug and put it in a cup along with some other dead ones we had found and took it to the desk; we called guest assistance and demanded to speak to the manager who was "off of the property". Guest assistance called the front desk and asked for a manager, we were told he would be back to the property and would speak with us directly. The manger called back while I was in the shower and my friend answered, he told her that first off what was in the cup was not a bug, and secondly he called my hotel and the person who answered didn't know who I was and that I didn't work there and he said he was not going to do anything about it. He was VERY VERY RUDE, and as a Hampton Employee I expect more and better from this person, clearly he missed the 100% satisfaction guarantee video training. I called my manger and she verified that she did not speak to the manager and that it was a front desk employee who wouldn't know that I worked there anyway since I am a seasonal employee. I called back to the desk and spoke with the manger who would not even let me get a word in, I explained to him that I was in fact an employee and that he could call my manger to confirm and he said that he was not going to do that, he said I was lying that there were no bedbugs, I tried to explain to him that we had pictures and video and he said that we made them up, even though they are clearly time stamped from the phone. He said that we needed to vacate the property immediately that the room was rented at 3pm today. I then tried to explain to him that I didn't care about the money that he was going to rent a room to someone else KNOWING it had bedbugs and again he said we had no bugs and we were lying, that it was convenient that we found them on the last day. He said that they were an award winning hotel and they didn't have BUGS. Well Mr. Guess what?? ANY hotel can get bugs, because the bugs don't care what award you've won. Well from now on, I'll be certain to a. NOT EVER stay at this hotel again, b. Contact the heath department and the newspaper about this man and his business, and c. check for bedbugs every single time I check into a hotel on the 1st night.

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