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We checked into our room on August 15th for 3 nights. On 1:00 am on the first night, my husband discovered a bug crawling on the carpet. He picked it up and put it in a cup and googled "bed bugs" and confirmed that it was in fact a bed bug. I brought the cup and bug to the front desk and informed the staff. They apologized and moved us immediately to a new room. We were instructed to leave all of our items in the room for cleaning the next morning. The next morning, our clothing did not ar

rive for us to go to Busch Gardens so I had to take dirty clothes that were in our car from another part of the trip so we didn't waste the day. During our day, we never received a call from a manager to address the bug issue nor to inform us our possessions had been cleaned and placed in our new room. We returned to the room at 10:00pm and found the 2 beds were NOT made. I went to the front desk to complain and was told that housekeeping will NOT make your bed if there are personal items on the bed. I told the staff that one bed had no personal items and the other bed had a stuffed animal at the foot of the bed so at the very least one bed should have been made. AND if this was the policy of this hotel it should have been communicated to us upon checkin. The next morning I asked for the manager. After a run-around, she (Wanda) finally came out when I and another woman stared yelling that we wanted to talk to her about the bed bug situation in our rooms. Other guests were taking notice. Wanda told me that EcoLab found no evidence of bugs in our original room even though I brought a bug to the front desk. She insinuated that I had brought them to her hotel even though the other woman had them in her room as well. She insisted that the hotel policy is to not make the bed with personal items on it and backed her housekeeping staff for not making either one of my beds. She told me she "would allow" me to check out of the hotel early. I told her that I wasn't happy and felt I shouldn't pay for any part of my 3 night staff because I wouldn't be staying for the 3rd night, didn't sleep the first night and didn't have the room cleaned for the 2nd night. What did I pay for? Wanda agreed to reimburse me for 2 nights and I still have yet to see the credit appear on my credit card.

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