Comfort Inn Historic Area Williamsburg
706 Bypass Rd. Us 60
Williamsburg, VA 23185-2001

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My 10 year old son and I stayed there for 3 nights while traveling to Busch Gardens. On the last day of our stay (room 132) I noticed a dead bed bug on my sheet. I immediately Googled it to identity it, as I had never had any bed bug experience prior to that. I notified the manager and checked my son and I for bites. I didn't notice any bite marks, but several days later we were both covered in bite marks- myself more than my son. I did some research and found out bed bug bites don't appear on t

he skin for several days to up to 14 days after the bite took place. I have since contacted the Health Department and the hotel. The hotel has yet to respond to my email.

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My family checked into this hotel on Friday August 24, 2012, room number 240. Upon checking in I immediately noticed the rooms had a damp odor, the furniture seemed worned, and the comforters were discolored, but overall it appeared clean and due to several other family members that had also made 3 night reservations we decided to stay. Well, at about 3 am Saturday morning I woke up to my 9 years old son scratching his skin excessively, and that's when I saw 3 bedbugs crawling on the comforter

and 1 on the floor. My husband and I immediately went to the front desk and were told there was nothing that could be done and we would have to come back in the morning to get a refund. Of course we checked out right at that moment and had to sleep in the car. At 7 am I went back to speak with management and was told that I was a liar. I was very surprised because the manager was very hostile and used profanity. There was also another desk clerk that was very rude during the confrontation. I filed a report with customer relations. I do not advise anyone to stay there. I'm also contacting the health department of VA.

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