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119 Bypass Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185-2918

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December 2011. One word--BEDBUGS!

We are bed bug free,we treat these issues very seriously. We havent had any problems with Bed Bugs in over four years. When we did notice this small problem in 2007 we took immediate action. We closed off rooms to the left and right of the infected room and the room below it,WE tossed all furniture,carpets,pictures beds and didnt rent the room until it was cleared.Yes we are not the newest Inn but we maintain a very clean property and will not tolerate sub-par cleaning. We consider ourselves an

affordable Inn that allows everyone to vacation even with small budgets. And if you read around the net most of our guest agree.

Kareem Miller
General Manager

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DUH - mp of a hotel. No kidding, Sherlock.

Even the Bedbugs at the Marriott wouldn't come here to bite you.

Woke up being bitten by bed bugs. When turning on lights, saw bed bugs scurrying for cover. Caught two to three bed bugs for closer inspection and confirmed bed bug presence. WEnt as far as squishing bug in toilet paper, and it was full of blood.

No question a bed bug infestation. Dump of a motel.

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