Virginia Beach, VA Travelodge
1909 Atlantic Ave
Virginia Beach, VA 23451-3310

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I stayed in room 314 for one night. In the morning I had 55 bites. The manager said my bites were not bed bugs but beach flies and that the hotel did not have a bedbug problem. (Was this what was meant by 'Continental Breakfast"?)(As a health educator I know what a bedbug bite looks like!) I was given an upgrade to room 605 at no extra cost but management was not interested in any other monetary adjustment. I had no more bites in the four days in the new room. Perhaps because the bedbugs could

not find an unbitten part of my body!

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01/17/12 - Woke up to find bed bug on the phone next to my bed. We left at 4:00am. There is definitely a problem here.

My firend and I stayed at this motel on March 18th 2011 for the Towne Bank 8k race on the 19th. I woke up a little after midnight because my phone rang. I went to the bathroom and my friend yelled that there was a bug on her bed. She killed the bug and we looked closly at it. I pulled the sheets away from my bed and there was a bug on my bed. I trapped it in a cup, took a picture of it, and we packed our stuff and left there at 1 in the morning. We went to the front desk to report it and t

he lady gave us our money back. She didnt seem suprised so I asked if this has happened before. She said that bed bugs are all over and they are doing there best to get rid of them. Really so they knew about this bed bug problem!! I called the VA Beach Health Dept to report it and they are looking into it now. The man from the health dept said they had another report two weeks before I called. This motel needs to be shut down!!!

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We stayed here the August 13, 2010. We slept on the sofa bed to let the kids have the beds in the room and were awaken in the middle of the night by bugs biting us. At first we didn't see anything so we thought maybe we were both having an allergic reaction to something but then we realized that in fact we were having a surreal experience. Do not stay here!!! We had to bag everything in trash bags and take all our stuff to a laundry mat before bringing it back into our house.

09-11-10 BEDBUGS
30+ bites. Went to speak with manager about the problem. Did not seem concerned. I had to ask for a new room and to waive my Fri night stay. I warned the housekeeper who was not at all educated about the bedbug problem or what they looked like. I showed her and explained the risks to her bringing them home. I would never stay at this hotel again. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would say they did nothing and rented the room again with no intervention from exterminator.
The lack of

customer service, concern by the establishment may be the new marketing branding
for Travelodge. I am still itching mad!!!!

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Stayed July 5th 2009, Room 502. Awoke at 2:00 a.m. with a tremendous itching on left arm. Felt bumps and suspected bed bugs. Picked up top sheet and found two which I quickly caught, picked up with a tissue and placed in a coffee cup. Brought down to the night desk person who did not look surprised, but said only that these bugs have been found in a lot of places. She said I should speak to the manager and taped up the coffee cup with the two bugs and put my room number on it. I waited unt

il 7:30 (I could not sleep anymore). While sitting on couch watching TV, I felt something on my back (another bug bit me) and when I looked down, there was one on my gym shorts. 14 bites in total on arms back and sides. I immediately bagged my clothes, took a shower, gathered all the luggage, woke my wife and kid and went to the car. BTW, the manager apologized, did not charge me and he did not even look surprised. STAY AWAY.

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Stayed August 17th and 18th 2007. Don't recall what room but it had 2 double beds in it and a separate little kitchen/living room that had a pull out sofabed. My husband, myself and our two small children stayed in the bedroom with our suitcases on the floor. We were eaten alive there but didn't know the cause. We brought them to Maryland to our home and fought them in all three of our bedrooms for the next year and a half. It was a nightmare. We had no idea what was happening to us until

we found one after Labor Day and realized we had a major infestation. It took forever to get rid of them finally -- Terminix was the only company willing to help us and they were great. We covered all box springs, mattresses and pillows in zippered plastic cases. We moved all the beds away from the wall. We put double-sided carpet tape around the bed frame and slathered vasoline on all the bed feet. We had to throw out ALL wooden bedroom furniture and replace with metal. Had we realized what was biting us at the Travelodge in Virginia Beach at the time, we would have reported it. I'm so sorry we didn't!

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