Surfside Oceanfront Inn and Suites
204 27th St
Virginia Beach, VA

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Stayed on 9/27/12. This is a multi-level hotel/resort property. While preparing for bed saw a bug on the bed. I trapped the bug and covered it in a plastic cup. I began looking and confirming that it was not a random beach bug on the internet. When I was fairly confident that I was holding a bed bug in the cup I woke my traveling companion who was already asleep in the other bed. We turned on the lights and saw several(4-5) more bugs on the bed. As I was packing our bags my friend called the fro

nt desk to inform them we had found bed bugs and would need a refund. The hotel sent several workers up to the room very quickly before we even finished packing. They looked at the bug and sort-of nodded and said yup that is a bed bug. Room was refunded. Room was on the third floor but not sure of exact room number.

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