Quality Inn Pavilion Virginia Beach
716 21st St
Virginia Beach, VA 23451-4123

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We noticed odd dark brown/black stains all over the sheets and pillow cases and assumed that it was some kind of mold. Then we found one bug on the bed but we didn't know what bed bugs looked like in their various life stages, and we thought nothing of it. The next morning we found another bug and we realized what the bugs were. They were indeed bed bugs and the stains were their fecal matter. After searching the room, we found at least one bug walking on the floor along the edge of the bed and

another walking on the wall. What appeared to be boric acid was sprinkled long the bottom of the bed but was hidden by the bed skirt (this is also where we saw the bed bug walking on the carpet). The placement of the boric acid leads me to believe that they already know about the bugs. When we told them about the bugs, they were apologetic and offered a 50% discount on a future visit to any hotel in the same chain. We have pictures of the bugs, the stains, and the suspected boric acid.

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