Knights Inn Virginia Beach
207 29th Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

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Me and my wife arrived at this place at around check in that was about 2pm. I always look under the mattresses and around the corners for any sign of bed bugs, well I guess I didn't look good enough of I just overlooked. But anyway that night after we both took a shower, I was the last one to wash. My wife laid down on the bed we had twin beds in the room so we decided to just sleep on separate beds. AS soon as she laid down and I turned the lights off,, about 15 minutes later she began to feel

something crawl on her and bite her, that is when we turned on the lights and found out she was getting bitten by bed bugs, that was around 3am in the morning. We immediately packed out belonging and went to the office to tell them what was wrong and demanded a refund. We did get our refund back. We did take pictures of the bed bugs they were several of them.I will never go back to this motel again. It was a nightmare.

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