Hampton Inn Virginia Beach Oceanfront North
3107 Atlantic Ave
Virginia Beach, VA

Found 2 reports:

I stayed in the Hampton Inn on 5/8/19 and woke up the next day with bed bug bites all down my arm.

On 11/28/14, we checked into the Hampton Inn Virginia Beach North and while watching tv I noticed a bug crawling on my pillow. My husband and I had never seen bed bugs, so we put it in a cup. Then, I lifted the pillow up and found a small red bug too. We quickly googled bed bugs and identified the 1st bug as an adult and the small red bug as a juvenile bed bug. After taking both bugs to the front desk in the cup, the clerk moved us upstairs 2 floors. We looked for more bugs in the 2nd room but d

idn't see any. We planned on staying 2 nights, so we hope not to encounter anymore...

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