Comfort Inn at the Beach
2321 Atlantic Ave
Virginia Beach, VA 23451-3201

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On the second day of our stay, my wife woke up around 5:45 am saying something was biting her. When we pulled back the cover we found blood red bed bugs crawling cross the sheets and pillow cases. When we called the front desk they said no one was available to come to our room. (No one ever visited the room while we were there) We cleared the room of our belongings and got out of our night cloths, bagged them, showered and reported to the front desk. They were not alarmed but offered a full refu

nd and allowed us to wash and dry our cloths. We checked out of the hotels and are doing everything possible to make sure we did not bring them to our home. I wish that I knew of this site before hand. Considering the previous reports we a surprised that the Comfort Inn corporate people did not contact us. Bedbug eradication is expensive, time consuming and stressful. We will be pursuing legal action. It's the lackadaisical attitudes like this that are contributing to the growing problem.

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I booked this hotel for 2 night in Aug., 2013 but after seeing how dirty this hotel was, I cancelled the 2nd.night. On waking the morning, we found a bedbug stuck in a blanket on my son's bed. He took it and killed it, of which, it was full of his blood. On taking it to the front desk on check out, the person didn't seem surprised. We were credited for the night's stay without even asking. On arrival home, we left everything outside then we had to spend 3 days washing all our clothing in ho

t water, drying, and sunning our luggage. Hopefully we didn't transport any home. I am so glad we cancelled the 2nd night.

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We've stayed at this hotel in July of 2010 and had no issues, staff was nice, room was clean we even invited friends of ours to join us. In July of 2011 we went back and the day before we left I woke up with a bed bug crawling on my arm. Staff tried to brush if off as 'no big deal' but said they'd find another room for us. I requested our stay be free and was told they would "look into it". After I told some of the other visitor that the little crawlie in my cup was a Bed Bug the hotel staff cla

imed there wasn't another room available for us and that we'd have to spend our last night somewhere else. Personally I would've left and gone home then and there (I hate Bugs!) but the kids wanted to stay. When we told the staff that wasn't an option they finally called an exterminator, changed our room (allowed us to inspect first) and washed all of our belongings. Unfortunately we lost that whole day dealing with this issue rather than enjoying the beach but they did make that night free. I think the staff could've been nicer about the situation rather than treating us as if the Bug came in on us. We arr not going back there again. It's not the bed bugs that are keeping us away but the way we were treated afterwards.

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