Blue Marlin Motel
2411 Pacific Ave
Virginia Beach, VA

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We checked in on August 8th for two nights. Woke up around 4AM on the 9th because I felt being bitten. I then went to the bathroom, took off my t-shirt and a bug came out. There was blood on my t-shirt where I was bitten. I then went and told my husband and daughter there were bed bugs.

We proceeded to collect the bed bugs that were found as evidence. We then went to the office to report it. The person on duty said that he could not refund my money until the manager came in at 10AM. He did o

ffer to wash all our clothes in the hotel's industrial washing machine. So we threw washed everything in one load: tennis shoes, purses, clothes, etc. We dried them in their dryer. Everything else that could not be washed was put in big garbage bags.

I didn't know how bad I was bitten until Saturday morning. I believe I have at least 100 bites. They are located on the nap of my neck, shoulders, arms, legs, and ankles. It is so bad that you can actually tell what position I sleep in. I have called the doctor to be sure I am doing everything correct to treat the bites. They are still very noticeable. I will have to get a prescription to help me overcome the bumps. The hotel credited my card for the two nights. This has been awful!

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