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Mr. Chokshi,

We do not supply any type of documentation other than this e-mail that references the violations cited or the fact that no violations were found during any inspections conducted by our office.

In this case no violations were noted during our inspection in room #203.

If you have any questions please contact Mr. Dozier or myself.

Thank You

Randy Blake
Code Enforcement Supervisor
City of Virginia Beach
Office 757-385-1276
Cell 757-373-4883
Fax 757-385

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From: Beach Carousel Motel [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, June 15, 2015 10:29 AM
To: Warnell D. Dozier
Subject: inspection form request.

Mr. Dozier,

This is motel Beach Carousel Motel requesting a form that you had to inspect room 203. we need to post online so people know that we don't have a bed bugs.

Samir Chokshi
Beach Carousel Motel
757-425-6650 (Fax)

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This is a Beach Carousel Motel writing back to inform all reader that this given information on this website is incorrect. we have a report from pest management stating that there is no evidence of beds bugs.

if anyone have any question or want to see a copy of a report call motel at 757-425-1700 or send us you e-mail address. we will be very happy to help you resolve this issue.

We booked our motel, part of the group arrived early and was able to get the key cards for the motel. Went and looked at the room and already suspicious of bed bugs by the multiple reviews we seen on the trip down, we found bed bugs, and stains on the edges and bottom of the bed. and what looked like black mold growning on the kickboard around the room. Talked with the "manager" and he said he will upgrade our room to the french suite or refund our money for 4 out of the 5 days. He refused to r

efund the 1st nights stay even tho we didnt even get to stay the night. We were in the room for 5 mins max.. 150 in the hole and now trying to find options on what i can do to retrieve our loss. Horible cust service. DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!

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Stayed at this hotel the weekend of June 8th 2014. The very first night I felt like I was itching but I figured that it may have been because of the sheets. The next morning, I woke up with a bump on my ginger and thought maybe a mosquito bit me. However, same thing occured over the next few days and now I have bite marks over my whole body. I knew then that it was bed bugs. I looked up bed bug information with this hotel online and found out that a number of people have had bed bug bites w

ith this hotel over the past several years and it seems like the owner ia doing nothing about it.

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Have lived at this motel for about 2 months and a few weeks ago to a month started having bug bites all over my children and I also have seen a few small bugs on the bed. When trying to contain the little bugs they are very squishy and filled with blood. From what I have found they look like bed bugs. I am worried about my family but also cant afford to loose a place to live, and worried that if I bring it to the attn. of the staff we would be kicked out. Im not sure what to do I would like

to get them gone..

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