Quality Inn South Hill
918 E Atlantic St
South Hill, VA 23970-3404

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Feb 14, 2014. Very very clean hotel, but that doesn't matter! Checked edges of mattress and room carefully, saw no sign (but i was tired so small a small casing of shed nymph skin may have eluded me). Woke up in the middle of the night due to noise and found bedbugs crawling on both beds. However, I SHOULD have been clued in to a potential problem due to the mattress covers. And I forgot about this fantastic web site. They were zip-tied shut and it was only after I found bugs and I cut the zip t

ie that I saw a few old blood stains on side of mattress. There was no sign of them in the mattress piping. Maybe they were hiding out behind the big wooden headboards? Good thing is, we left our luggage in the car. but still....

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Were out of non-smoking room so placed in smoking room that was pretty dirty. Checked bed but had plastic on mattress. Woke up an hour after going to sleep to 15+ bites on me and bugs all over the bed - enough that I was able to take a photo of them. Front desk moved us to another dirty room and said to "shake out" our clothes. Terrible service.

On 29 april several employees for an uncle named sam reported issues of bed bugs at the not so quality inn in south hill va the hotel attempted to move each to different rooms in turn turned up multiple changes with finding actual bugs and then taking them to the front desk and with additional people having numerous bites with the tale tell breakfast lunch and dinner bites here i lay waitting to be relased at 0430 to drive numerous hours after spending three hours at a laundry mat with two sea

led plastic bags and a get some rest with the thought of worry am i going to take this problem home to my family and worry about any possible infestation of my own livley hood apoligizes for the rant itching at the quality

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