Budget Inn Express
617 N Mecklenburg Ave
South Hill, VA 23970-2041

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I checked into the Budget Inn Express on July 20, 2019 at 11 pm at night. I was driving home from a visit to family and wanted to stop and rest. I used my phone to find a room in a hotel in South Hill, VA, the nearest big exit, and booked a double room through Expedia for the Budget Inn Express.

When I arrived, I heard a loud conversation and wasn't sure if it was the owners in their adjacent-to-the-desk living room suite or a tv show they were watching. But soon a friendly owner welcome

d me and encouraged me to switch from a 2 bed to a 1 bed suite (because I was alone) which was fine. I had my key and helpful advice about how to jiggle the doorknob to get in.

The room was tidy but in physical disrepair, with a large bang through the drywall and a crushed-in panel on the hollow-core door into the bathroom. Either a fight took place there or a kid with a baseball bat visited. I put my bags on the floor and decided not to unpack but just rest until I could get back on the road.

I turned down the print bedspread so that it was almost on the floor. I don't trust dark printed bedspreads because it is hard to get them clean.

I looked under the two sheets and pillow cases for bugs. I didn't want to be foolhardy. I didn't see any bugs, but I did see a few holes in the bedspread, and a rust orange stain on the sheets and a black smudge on the sheets.

I decided just to lie down in my clothes, and leave the lights on. I didn't think there were bedbugs, but it clearly was dirty and in disrepair, and I grew up in the south and know that bugs and rodents are possible in old buildings when it's hot outside. The room wasn't airconditioned (we are in a historical heatwave) and I turned on the window unit to start cooling off the space.

I laid down with the lights on and my clothes on. I turned on the tv, and texted my family and contacted expedia about another travel related issue. While I was doing business on my phone, I saw a movement, and looked over to see a bedbug- adult - round - walking. I had seen one before and know what a bedbug is. I study plants and insects as a beekeeper and gardener.

I stood up and walked over to take a photo (so I could blow it up and see more detail) and saw a second bedbug about 30 inches away. Adult - red - round. It was revolting. I took another two photos, and did a once-round the room and picked up my things and put them in my car and drove back up to the front office.

I walked in and a man was filling out the paperwork to rent a night and I said, "you don't want to stay here; there are bedbugs." He thanked me and left. It was about 12:00 or 12:30 pm. The female owner / manager was behind the counter and taken aback and told the male owner / manager what happened and I could hear his voice yelling at her from the other room. I said, "My room has bed bugs and I need you to refund my room fee right now."

She said, no we have the pest people come - we don't have bed bugs, and I said, "yes you absolutely do have bed bugs, I can show you pictures. " And I did.

She said no she wouldn't refund my money.

I said, "yes, you are going to contact Expedia right now and cancel my reservation."

We calmly went back and forth for 3 or 4 interchanges like this with the male yelling at her in the background and them talking.

He came out and replaced her, and he began by yelling at me in a loud and angry voice: You had no right to talk to my customer and drive away my customer. You get out of here. I invited him to (a) review the photos; (b) walk back to the room with me and see; (c) just pull up my reservation on the iPad he had used earlier and cancel it.

He said "I'll do it, but I'm not going to do it right now -- I'll do it in the morning." I said that was unacceptable and we needed to do it right now. After several of these bits, I said, "I don't trust you." He really yelled at me to kick me out. Get out get out! And large hand gestures. He was pacing behind the counter.

I told him I was giving him a chance to resolve this and simply refund my money - that I was being polite and giving him the opportunity to fix it. He just yelled at me to leave Get Out Get Out. And that I had to take it up with Expedia and that's how the process worked.

I called Expedia from the road and explained and the representative called the hotel, only to have the male owner say that he refused to cancel my reservation (though I was there for an hour, not offered even the chance to move rooms, treated ugly, and not to mention, sitting in a bed of parasites.). At this point, 15 hours later, he still has refused Expedia's multiple calls and requests for him to get permission to refund my money. So he charged me AND he knows that he has bed bugs. I think this must be illegal.

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