Crowne Plaza Hotel Richmond Downtown
555 E Canal St
Richmond, VA 23219-3837

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I killed three bed bugs during my September 2014 stay on the 14th floor. I took pictures of each and shared them with the front desk staff.

I stayed here for one night (10/3/2013) with my wife and two children. During the night I frequently felt like I was getting bit and had raised bumps on my back, arms and shoulders (like a mosquito bite). They itched for a number of days after we left. I would recommend that NO ONE stay at this hotel. It is apparently an ongoing unaddressed issue. Someone please call a health inspector.

This hotel has an issue with bed bugs and the front desk knows it. I got bitten and so did my child. First we were met with denial and then the manager admitted that it is an ongoing issue in many hotels. My expectations for a 4 star hotel did not include bed bugs. We were moved to another room but this ordeal ruined our trip. I had the heebie jeebies and could not relax.

On 08/26/13...woke up after bugs crawling over my head and face. The bugs were crawling on the headboard, on sheets, pillows, and on the comforter. I was moved to another room.

We checked in on 8/5/13 and found a live bedbug in our bed, then lifted the mattress and found four more. The manager offered to move us to another floor, but we decided to pass and left at midnight to search for another hotel.

Everytime I stay here, I get bitten by some kind of bugs. I keep itching in the bed. I am not sure what kind of unsanitary hotel this is, but I can't wait to get the hell out of this place. DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL. I WISH I COULD UPLOAD PICS OF MY BITES ALL OVER MY LEGS AND ARMS. This is ridiculous for 100 dollars a night. Even after they moved my room, I still get bites the next morning.

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