Quality Inn Portsmouth
1031 London Blvd
Portsmouth, VA 23704-2237

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Sept 13, 2013- I was traveling on tour with a performing group and we were supposed to stay at the quality inn portsmouth val for the night before we moved on to the next city. My roommate found a bed bug crawling on her shirt as she watched tv. She then pulled back the covers on my bed to find 4 more huge bed bugs under the covers. Everyone traveling with us began inspecting all of their rooms and found tons of bugs within covers and on lampshades. Not only were we forced to sleep on our tour b

us but we also all had to put our suitcases back on the bus and cross our fingers that they didn't get into our luggage. No such luck- I spotted a small one today crawling on my suitcase so who knows how many we actually brought with us! This is the worst place to stay and has caused so much unnecessary grief and stress.

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