Econo Lodge
1015 Broad St
Portsmouth, VA 23707-2048

Found 5 reports:

I stayed there last night and woke up to a swollen shut eye and bites all over my forehead,breast,butt,shoulder and back. I was treated very rudely,got the pixels called on me and left feeling really upset because I do not live here and am from out of town and I came here to work and can't go because of the way I look. Something need to be done. This cannot go on. Everyone needs to work together to get compensated and to get this stopped. It's time to stop the,suffering!


The only thing worse than bed bugs is a hotel staff that is completely rude and confrontational when issues are brought to their attention. Avoid this motel at all costs. It is not even an actual Econo Lodge. It is the Economy Lodge which is not associated with Econo Lodge. Thus, you do not have the protection of a corporate entity that may be willing to address your concerns professionally.

My mom is at this hotel she's there because of lack of funds.I stay with her over night an woke up to a night mare.I was bit on various parts of my body.I'm really upset because my baby was bitten also.This problem was reported but they only sprayed and after some days the biting starts again.I told my mom that she needs to report this to the health department. If she don't I will.They don't give you a refund or curtsey discount. You get bit and unpleasant stay and still have to pay for .it

We stayed in this hotel in the month of Febuary and March of 2011. My daughter woke up because she felt something biting her and felt in crawling in her shirt.As we help tocheck her we find a little wide flat bug.With look like to claws infront of his head.2e called manger.They move so they can spray .fter two hours we back in room.couple days later they staer biting again.They itch and sting like crazy.This not a good place.I felt like things were crawling in my head.

me and my wife were staying there from out of town. my wife kept saying something bit her and then one day she saw one and after further inspection there was a small amount there along with eggs. we changed rooms and two days later i got bit and we moved out.

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