Super 8 Norfolk Chesapeake Bay
1010 W Ocean View Ave
Norfolk, VA 23503-1316

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February 29 2012 at around 1am room 234. I got bit on my right pinky finger and my left middle finger and then on my forehead. I woke up and turned on the light when I noticed discomfort in my hands and forehead. I react BAD to bites. I turned on the light and found 2 on the pillows. I covered one to hold it and squished the other. When my roomate woke up I showed the live one to him. He had never seen one. He then sprayed it with cedar oil. It killed it. I think. I have now been up for about 3

hours sitting in a chair. When my alram goes off in about 2 hours i'm going to tell someone at the front desk and get another room. Upon arrival at home, I'll wash everything in hot water like your suggestions state.

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