Crowne Plaza Hotel Norfolk
700 Monticello Ave
Norfolk, VA 23510-2517

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In response to the two postings regarding bedbugs:

please be assured that The Crowne Plaza Norfolk takes any report of bedbugs seriously and immediate action is taken. If a guest reports an incident, regardless of actual sightings or not, we have the room professionally treated as well as the rooms adjoining, above and below as a precaution.

Over the weekend of July 15 and 16 we found at least 4 bugs at 1:30 am crawling on the bed, and one of those was crawling on me. We immediately told the hotel and they got us a new hotel for 2 nights complimentary, no questions asked. The staff took care of the situation as best as possible.

Boyfriend was in Norfolk for a Coast Guard conference the week of June 13, 2011. He came home on Friday morning and Sunday he started noticing bites. By Wed he had 100 bites. After doing some research and confirming with medical, it is in fact bed bugs. I haven't seen any bites on myself, yet, and we haven't seen any actual bugs. It's going to cost $75 per room to check for them and over $1500 if they actually find them. Wish we could charge the hotel. Or the military. Ugggg...

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