Sleep Inn & Suites
21 Old Oyster Point Rd
Newport News, VA 23602-7118

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Stayed at this hotel 06/23/11-06/26/2011 during the Jazz Festival Weekend in Hampton, Va. Found a bed bug in the shower on the floor. Saw a few red spots on the walls prior to finding the bug. Alerted management. They had someone go up to my room to look at the bug. The bug was picked up and put in a jar. I took a picture of it before it was placed in the jar. I was told that my room would be sprayed (after he went to Lowe's). I wanted so badly to leave this hotel, but with the festival this wee

kend ALL rooms are booked! I spent 4 hours going from Newport News to Virgina Beach trying to find something that was available in a decent hotel. Managment asked me where I had come from, and implied that I had brought the bug in, which I didn't appreciate. I don't have bed bugs in my home, and I flew here. Anyway they moved my room, gave me an employee discount for ONE NIGHT and apologized. I moved all of my bags into the new room's bathroom (bed bugs can't move around on the bathroom floor), put my computer up on a table with slippery wooden legs and will leave all the lights on tonight. I can't wait until morning so that I can get out of here. I've stayed at this hotel before during the jazz fest, and it's always been very clean, comfortable and the staff was great. I even checked the bed bug registry for this hotel before venturing here. After today, I will never stay here again!!! If a bed bug gets into your belongings, you will have to go to hell and back or take out a loan to get rid of them once you get home. I don't plan on sleeping tonight.

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