Super 8 Lynchburg
3736 Candlers Mountain Rd
Lynchburg, VA 24502-2228
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My wife stayed in this hotel for her Intensives at Liberty University. After the 9th day of her stay she was ate up by something in the room. She had allergic reactions to most of the bites (some of them swelled the skin around her arm to completly encircle it.) When reported to the staff she was intimidated by the sheer rudeness and disregard they presented. After talking to the management the conclusion that I have came to after listening to them discredit my wife and saying that the bug O

rkin man already inspected it (I have several photos of the bug bites to prove her right). I dont know what got her but all the swelling and the bite patterns agree with what I have researched as bed bugs. I dont want anyone to get hurt by whatever they are harboring.

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This place is infested with giant bed bugs! They didnt even wait untill I went to sleep to start eating me alive! This is the worst hotel I have EVER stayed in! To top it all off the mgr wanted pictures of these bugs as proof before giving us a refund. Someone please do something about lack of cleanliness and hygene. 6/29/11

4 of us were working at the mall late into the next morning arrived groggy and rented 2 rooms on June 29 on the third floor. Within minutes of sitting on the bed we spotted multiple bugs about the bedding areas and upon our attire and belongings, one even went for a ride down to the front desk and was ejected in the elevator. There also was a half burned Kool cigarette next to the phone in one room and the other room had door parts on the dresser. I will never stay in a super eight ever again.

We stayed here in room 206 on March 13th, 2011. The room was very dirty. Unfortunately, I wasn't familiar with the signs of bedbugs or I would have probably noticed sooner. My husband and I both ended up with bites, and what's worse, we were unlucky enough to bring some home with us to our apartment and now have to figure out the best way to deal with THAT. Do NOT stay in this hotel, as it's apparently had this problem for more than a year now. I wish I'd read the reviews more carefully bef

ore staying there and saved us a lot of trouble.

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I stayed at this hotel on sept 30- oct7 th 2010 for a week and came home covered in beg bug bites! While staying in hotel I pulled 1 off my neck and thought it was a tick, it was full of blood, I didn't realize it was a bed bug! I saw dried blood on sheets and pillow cases not realizing it was bed bugs that had been feeding on me! I came home full of bed bug bites and miserable. I had huge whelps all over my arms, face, shoulders and ankles. I itched like crazy and had to take benadryl, I thou

ght I had been exposed to something else but I hadn't been around any fleas or mosquitoes. I have never been exposed to bed bugs ever before and I travel extensively. I was too ignorant to realize until I read on internet the problems with these critters. I saw pictures on the internet and realized I had the same looking bites, they ran in a line and itched like crazy. I feel it was too late to try and get money back since I had already returned home 14 hours away. so I suffer but want other people to be aware and warned to look before they sleep. I never felt any bites while sleeping! I plan on contacting the Lynchburg Health Dept for further investigation.

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We stayed at the Super 8 Lynchburg, VA 9/3 & 9/4/10. The first night shortly after we went to bed my wife woke saying she was itching, we turned down the sheets and found several bugs. Checked the other bed which we had not disturbed and found several bugs motionless for a short time and then they started moving to get back to darker areas. Went to the front desk and was offered another room I told him I would check it first before I agreed to stay in it. It checked out okay and we finished our

Next day we spoke to the manager and he said he would not rent the room and call Orkin on Monday.
After experiencing intense itching and having to take Benedryl, we asked to speak to the manager again. He was not there but the assistant called us after we had checked out on Sunday. She said Orkin would be called as well as the health dept. She agreed it give us a refund for the first nights stay.

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I only stayed one night, 10/17/09, at the Super 8 Motel on Candlers Mountain Road, Lynchburg, VA: It's close to the college, close to restaurants and a decent price, and a popular place to stay for those reasons. It was late, but I still pulled the covers back to check for cleanliness, and didn't see anything. I awoke itching and to a bed full of bugs... the whole bed, including pillows! Although the owner (who is also the general manager), told me that no one else had ever reported or mentione

d a problem, I have since learned that is not true. I have talked with the Lynchburg and Richmond Health Departments several times in the last few days and this particular hotel has been reported for bed bugs to both offices several times, beginning in May 2009, and I have copies of those reports. I was told by the Lynchburg Health Department that if one more violation is reported about this hotel that the next step will be a formal legal hearing for possible license revocation. When I initially, and very respectfully and calmly, approached the front desk staff about this issue they became very timid. The owner kept avoiding and evading me until one of the staff, privately and quietly, told me when he/owner would be in the hotel - and this staff member did not want the owner to know that he/she had informed me as such. The staff originally was not authorized to give me a full refund, but a full refund was finally authorized and posted to my credit card three (3) days after check-out.

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