Quality Inn Lynchburg
3125 Albert Lankford Dr
Lynchburg, VA 24501-4965

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Stayed at this property May 23 2012. Room 411. Woke up early in the morning, showered, and walked back over to the bed, found two bedbugs on top of the bed. Got dressed and out of there as fast as I could. Had to wake up the desk guy as he was asleep in the back office desk. Was so disgusted I just paid and left as quickly as possible with as few words as possible. Not hard as the guy was sleepy. Notes on the property: looks older inside and out, could use updating. Or a bulldozer. Along with th

e two bedbugs there were also some sort of flying insects in the bathroom, and the room was overall just stale. I will never stay at a Quality inn again thanks to this stay. A work colleague also staying at this hotel several days longer than me did not report seeing any bedbugs in his room.

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