Sleep Inn and Suites Lexington
95 Maury River Rd
Lexington, VA 24450-3397

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August 13, 2012

My son found a live bed bug in his bed in room 201. He had just showered and gotten into the bed, and saw it crawling on the sheet. He confirmed the bug on the internet and took it to the night clerk. The person seemed concerned but denied that there had been reports of bed bugs in the past. I went to this site and found a report from November 2011. The clerk upgraded them to a suite, but it was located directly above the previous room, so my son asked to be moved again. By

this time he was so freaked out he did not want to stay at this hotel.

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My daughter and I stayed at the Sleep Inn on Nov. 11, 2011. Sat. am when we returned from Breakfast my daughter noticed a bug on her sheets. We then saw two more and on inspecting the sheets noticed blood streaks. She pulled a picture of a bed bug up on her phone and I took a picture of the one on the bed. They were the same. We called the desk and they sent the maid up who agreed that's what it was. The maid made the comment that the horse people from the Horse Center brought them over. M

y daughter explained to her that she was a Veterinarian and that was not where they came from.

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