Embassy Suites Dulles Airport
13341 Woodland Park Dr
Herndon, VA 20171-3059

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I was taking my 3-year old son out of the tub, yesterday evening, and found an adult bedbug in floor in the bathroom. I believe the bug was on a towel that I used to dry him off. The bug was alive and moved pretty quickly given that it was so round. I trapped the bug in a plastic bag while I googled the picture to confirm that it was a bedbug. It was. I called the hotel manager. She sent the engineer up the room immediately. He looked at the bug and said it was a bedbug. He checked the mattress

but said he couldn't find a nest. We packed our bags and left the hotel that night. When we checked out, the manager offered to move us to another room and comp the room. We declined her offer. The next morning, from another hotel, I googled bed bugs and embassy suites virginia. I found several reports within the last 30 days. I wish I knew this information before I checked in.

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I have been staying at the hotel for business trip (rest of my coworkers are staying there)for the past two months and never had any bug issues until recently. I woke up in the morning on Mar 18th and found my arms covered in clusters of huge hard welts. I had experience with bed bugs years before and knew immediately that the bites were the result of bed bugs. I notified the hotel front desk and they called in the third party investigator but claimed that no bugs were found. I was moved to anot

her room and upon my insistence, all my clothings were sent to be laundered and heat treated.

I am extremely concerned at this point in case I may bring any bugs home. So far haven't heard from the hotel regarding any sorts of compensations or results of investigations. Stay away from this hotel.

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We have stayed several times a year at this Embassy Suites since 2006. It used to be a great hotel. In fact, we were there in April of this year, and it was tolerable (but beginning to go downhill).

In fact, we stayed in another room (different floor) the prior week without the bedbug problem (we hope). But, we were upset that the place was starting to seem seedy because the cleaning was not thorough.

We had to go to another city and then returned to this hotel. I saw a bug on the bed e

arly in the morning, but it seemed to be a type of beetle (since I had not actually seen a bed bug before now). I flushed it thinking that it was a stray insect. The prior night had been very stormy.

On the next morning, in the wee hours, I awoke and saw another bug. When I went to reach for it, it bled (it was full of blood). So, I turned on the lights and, lo and behold, there several of these bugs. And, they bled when smashed. As well, we both had bites on our extremities.

We looked under the sheets, and it looked okay. The problem was found when we looked under the bed skirt. There were a massive colonies (in several locations) with eggs and all that had been there for quite a while.

We have pictures to back up this statement. The clerk wanted to move us to another room, but given deterioration of the hotel, we did not think that it was wise to stay.

Why couldn't they have their staff look at the bedding each time they changed the bed? Did they actually see these and ignored the problem? What gives as Hilton is supposed to run good hotels?

We would like to know but have not heard from the manager (will we ever?).

Henceforth, from now on (given this training), we will check the bedding in detail before we accept the room.

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