Crowne Plaza Hotel Dulles Airport
2200 Centreville Rd
Herndon, VA

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I would like to report that I was bitten by Bed Bugs at this location on 11/5/2014. Woke up and didn't realized until my shower that I had bite marks all over my arms, hands, head, neck and stomach area.

I don't know what made me wake up so early but I'm glad I did. Woke up with a bed bug crawling right in my face I've seen the damage that a bed big had done to a friend and I almost freaked out ... I called the front desk the lady there told me she switch my room once I got down there to get another key she asked me to put down another deposit she didn't offer any breakfast coupon or reimbursement rafter she have me my new set of room keys she simply said "sorry" I am beyond upset

Woke up this morning with a bed bug on my pillow.
Got a blank stare from the desk manager and was told "your company is paying for it so we can offer you a free breakfast".

They already gave me a free breakfast coupon when I checked in!


I have stayed at this hotel before and had no problems. This time, fortunately I still had no problems as far as getting bites or transporting the little bugs home, but I found a dead bed bug on the side of the fitted sheet near the head of the bed. I saw no stains or other signs and after asking everyone that was with me to check for bites, we were all free. I'm assuming they sprayed for them, which is good, but I'm not sure I will stay there again.

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