Fairfield Inn
1946 Medical Ave
Harrisonburg, VA 22801-3436

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It is 11/07/2014 2 am in the morning .... while sleeping I started to itch on my back and then on my arm ! the itching was very intense so I turned on the light and noticed a huge welp on my arm... I immediatly started searching the bed for what ever had bit me and sure enough I seen the little bed bug ! yes they are little but they sure carry a punch when they feast on you.... I called the front desk and the desk clerk was very helpful in relocating me to another room on another floor !... I tr

avel for a living so I am aware that because one room has bed bugs doesn't mean the whole hotel is infeasted... The second room was fine .... no bugs detected....
The hotel offered to fully refund my stay and again they were very helpful and apolagitic...
but I still reported the incident because I use this registry a lot before booking my rooms...

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To the one above who wrote about the stink bugs. If you find a way to get rid of them, please patent the idea. It is impossible. Truly impossible. These bugs our decimating our crops in the Eastern US and working their way west and south. There is absolutely nothing this hotel could have done about it. Educate yourself before you rant.


There were bugs (over a dozen of them) in our room and on the beds. They were not typical "bed bugs" but they were equally as gross so you may want to think twice about this hotel. The staff was very rude about the situation. We stayed in other hotels in the area and did not encounter any of these bugs in any other hotel.

I wrote to the hotel and this is what they responded with:

Those bugs are called “Stink Bugs” and are predominant to the PA area. They are typically an

outdoor nuisance, but when the weather turns, they immediately work to get inside. They are harmless, however they are a little scary looking and have an unpleasant odor…i.e. stink bugs. I assure you they were not “Bed Bugs”.

I think its ridiculous for any hotel to think that bugs are OK for any guest to deal with. Especially when paying $159/night at this hotel. We only stayed one night and then found another bug free hotel in the area.

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