Super 8
111 South St
Front Royal, VA 22630-2221

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I've stayed there and it's all true


most of the people there are also human garbage

so who cares, let them rot in filth and die

You know who this is, and I leave laughing

We checked in at the Super 8 Front Royal @ 111 South St Front Royal VA 22630 room 310. We stayed the night 7/31/10 and checked out 8/1/10. We awoke at approximately 8:00 to a feeling of itching and my skin crawling. I got out of bed and noticed blood spots on the pillow and the sheets at approximately shoulder level. I told my wife and she immediately jumped of bed. We started checking through the covers. My wife found numerous more blood spots and amazingly enough, a bed bug crawling und

er my pillow. We captured in a plastic bag. We both took complete showers again and packed everything carefully. We then proceeded to document the blood spots and the bug by placing the key card envelope that clearly has the hotel chain name location and room number in the pictures we took. We checked out and explained everything to a really nice young lady at the counter. She explained to us that she was new and she would leave our information for the manager, when she returned later that day, so she could call us. As we were speaking with the young lady at the counter the head housekeeper arrived and she was informed of the situation. She immediately went to the room to check. Between the two employees, neither seemed to be able to identify a bed bug even though they were looking at one in a plastic bag.
We left with the understanding that the Manager would call us with the resolution. We passed the location on our way out of town a couple of hours later and notice that we had not received a call from the manager so we stopped by and met with the manager. When asked why we had not heard from her, she answered "I saw you were from out of town, and I did not want to bother you on your trip back." I asked for full refund of the room rate and she stated she already reduced the amount by 30% because that is all she was authorized to do. She also stated that they found 2 more live bugs in the room and they had to send them off to have them identified because she did not know what they were. A simple search on the internet told me in two seconds exactly what the bug was. I find it hard to believe that anyone that has been in the hotel/motel business as a manager or head housekeeper cannot identify a simple bedbug. It seems like a case of avoidance and denial. It did not appear that they immediately closed the room and called an exterminator. We went back hours later to speak with the manager and there was no sign of any pest control company.
I would tell everyone I know to avoid this Hotel and this chain because of the service (or lack of) given by the Manager.

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