Super 8 Fredericksburg
5319 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Fredericksburg, VA 22408-2607

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It is unbelievable that there are reports about this place since 2008 and the same problem persists. I stayed in this motel for one night on 4/3/2012. I went to bed at 11:30 pm and was tossing and turning until 3:15 am when I got up, turned all the lights on, and saw bed bugs crawling on the bed! I was disgusted and upset because I had 7 bites on my body! I immediately got up, took a really hot shower, placed my dirty clothes and pajamas inside a plastic bag and left town.
I called the motel at

7:30 am (after I'd slept in the driver seat of the moving truck I was driving)and proceeded to tell them what happened to me. He sounded surprised; "bed bugs, what?, really?" Yeah, Sherlock!

I got home to Pa and sent a nasty e-mail to the Super 8 headquarters and demanded a refund since I didn't get any rest.

I wonder how many people are bringing those blood-sucking, mini-vampires home with them to their families?

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I checked in with no bug bites on my body, within six hours of check out, I am covered in bites. I am fairly certain that these are bed bug bites. This has happened to me twice at the same hotel. The first time I wrote it off, but twice??? It seems unlikely that this is coincedence. I am writing this purely for the sake of future occupants of this hotel. BEWARE!!!!! These people do not give a $#*& about their customers well being. stay date 8/6/11

My family stayed at this location one night during the last week in June 2008. We were give a room on the 2nd floor. I'm sorry but I do not remember the exact room number (?? 226). This double room was infested with bed bugs.

I itched all night only to wake up to a bed FULL of bugs, some the size of a pin-head, others larger, some dead, but most were alive. There was blood streaks on the bottom sheets and all four of us had bites for at least 2-3 weeks.

We called the police to come out an

d take a report, and reported to the Fredericksburg Health Department. The management did not seem to think this was a problem, was only going to refund us 50% for the night....only after police arrived did they agree to give us a full refund.

When the management came up to the room, they stripped the sheets, but left the bed cover on the floor...I wonder how many bed bugs were in the bed cover waiting for their next victims?

One year later I still have nightmares and check my sheets when I travel. I will never stay at a Super 8 or any other cheap hotel again. I realize bed bugs can come into finer hotels but I would hope the management would step up to the plate and take this as a serious issue.

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