Ramada Inn South Fredericksburg
5324 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Fredericksburg, VA 22408-2608

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My coworkers and I stayed at this hotel.
The rooms were filthy, you couldnt even get an iron

When we complained about the state of the room and the bedbugs, we were told that we were welcome to go somewhere else!

May 11,2012 checked into hotel. Room 230. When I noticed how dirty the room was I removed the covers from the bed and found little black bugs all over the mattress and tons of them on the corners

I stayed at this hotel in March, 2009.I arrived home with bedbug bites. I had three infections, had to have injections, steroids, etc. etc. Almost had to have a hospital admission. After six months my lawyer called and said Ramada told him to prove that I got the bites from their hotel. To add insult to injury, they paid the medical as "an act of good will but not an admission of guilt"!!!!! So I received no compensation for what I went through. They shoud close this dump down!

From mind Feb to March, I had to stay at this hotel, for a conference. I checked out of three rooms because of several instances of "something".
Room 421, 415 and 223. I kept getting bit and did not discover the bedbugs until the 3rd room, I thought it was just a different detergent until room after room, the bites were getting worse. When I went to talk to the front desk, the said they sent someone to spray while I was out.
Needless to say, I washed everything before I brought it back into m

y house with hot water...twice!!!!

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unfortunately i do not remember the room number. it was on the second floor in the rear building facing away from the highway. when i checked in i pulled the mattress back near the head and on the top of the left corner of the boxspring i saw a few of the telltale black spots, and near the crease in the material there was brick-colored stains and the molted skin/shell of a bedbug (or a dead bug). didn't look for more but checked out.

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