Sleep Inn & Suites Dublin
5094 State Park Rd
Dublin, VA 24084-5623

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Update on 11/30/2015 report. I called a few days after our stay just to check and see what was happening and was told by the young lady who answered that they were treating the bedbugs. She stated that they could only treat 3 rooms at a time so I was really encouraged and felt other travelers would be as well. We were going to be in the area once again thought I'd see how many rooms had been treated and figured if that was happening it'd be safe to stay.

Well, I was told by Linda who worked

daily that she knew nothing about it. I figured she would certainly know if rooms weren't available due to fumigation. She proceeded to tell me about the lady that "claimed" she saw bedbugs and that she herself had never seen a bedbug. She left out the part that she was given 4 samples in plastic glasses to show to her boss. She didn't know who she was talking to. so she was only telling a half truth. Yes, indeed, she had seen bedbugs and she was well aware of the incident. But she of course couldn't admit to the truth and tell travelers that or they wouldn't want to stay. She also didn't know that I took samples home to verify with the U of MD. If you ever saw a full grown bedbug on your pillow it is something you never forget.

It's really sad because we really like to stay there but one doesn't know what to believe and of course the manager was not available the two times I called. I'll try again on our return. In the meantime We need to find a new place to stay.

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this is our favorite place to stay, usually 3-4 times a year. This is my first time ever with bed bugs at any hotel. they were all sizes. Be sure to check the pillows where they tuck the ends back into the pillow. the duty clerk was very nice and said the manager was quite surprised as it had never happened before and now I see that that is not the case. Supposedly the hotel is sprayed every 2 weeks.

They offered to change rooms and gave 50% discount
however but the biggest co

ncern was bringing them home. The duty clerk came and checked on us twice and brought clear plastic bags to pack our belongings.

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We checked in around 10pm. Our kids woke up at 1am saying there were bugs in the bed. We found about 10 bugs and called the front desk. He was not very helpful. We asked for another room but they did not have one available. We checked out at 2 pm and drove 30 miles to another hotel. I called the manager the next day and she said she would give me a 50% refund. I explained that we could not sleep there and they had no other rooms. She finally said she would reimburse 100% within 10 bu

siness days. No apology or anything :(

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Ishowered and left early AM for meeting with customer and started itching going down the home later this evening and I am ate up!!! Wife called hotel and they say they are reimbursing the credit card.....not the hotels fault, I guess, but everyone PLEASE inspect your rooms because it looks like the hotels are not! This WAS my favorite place to stay in this area. My wife washed and dried everything including my laptop case. I pray to GOD nothing came home with me other than the relen

tness itching. Again, please check your rooms!

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