Super 8-Danville
2385 Riverside Dr
Danville, VA 24540-4211

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On 12/5/2013 my family were bitten by bed bugs in the super 8 Danville, but the address was
Super 8 Daleville
446 Roanoke Rd.
Daleville, VA 24083

Maybe they moved.

On 5/28/2011 my husband and I checked into the Super 8 in Danville, VA. When I entered the room it didn’t have that refreshing smell or feeling that you normally would get when a room has been freshly cleaned. Usually I have done my homework and checked the registry, however since this was a spare of the moment trip I didn’t have time. To make a long story short, we went to retire for the night and I told my husband to pull the sheets back and check the bed. He did and there was a large

yellow stain at the bottom of the mattress so I told him check the other because I was kind of skeptical about sleeping in that bed. He got up and pulled the sheet back there it seem to be ok. So I proceeded to get into the bed went to adjust my pillows and the bed bugs came crawling across the pillows. I starting screaming and told my husband to call the front desk and let her see for herself. When the lady entered the room she said oh my goodness. This was my first and last stay. I will make sure I do my homework next time.

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