Quality Inn Dutch Inn Collinsville
2360 Virginia Ave
Collinsville, VA 99999

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My wife, baby and myself stayed at the Dutch Inn and we already had a strange feeling about staying there because it did not look very clean. At the end of the week, after we left, my wife noticed bed bug bites on her hands, that got really nasty and swell up.

I have just stayed at this hotel this weekend 8.02.2014 and they are infested with bedbugs. i have hundreds of bites all over my body and have already paid a lot of money for doctors visits and steroid meds. Please dont stay here, this is the most pain and discomfort i have ever been through and i am so scared i might have brought them home with me. Please dont stay here protect yourself!! worst experience ever!!! I have had to throw out my luggage and all of my belongings that i took with me on

my vacation. My doctor says this is the worst she has seen a bedbug reaction. :(

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In early May 2014, my boyfriend and I stayed here for two weeks; due to a bad housing situation, we were between homes. The first week was fine, though the quality of the hotel itself was fairly poor, more motel than hotel. During the second week, my boyfriend started to get really itchy, as did I, though his bumps were much more severe. We found traces of droppings on the sheets and managed to find the carcass of a bedbug hiding under his pillow. We complained to the front desk but the woman in

sisted that they covered their mattresses and sprayed for bedbugs at the first or each month. Infuriating! We spent the next week in a more expensive hotel because of this unfortunate occurrence. Never will I stay at the Dutch Inn again!

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Stayed there 9/4/10 in room 148 and had bedbugs in the bed. Behind the headboard was a huge amount of webs and bugs and spiders. It had not been cleaned in a very long time. I have reported it to the main owner: Choice Hotels.com and also the local manager at [email protected] I have to this date received NO RESPONSE. Pam Watson and Donald Morton

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