Quality Inn Christiansburg
50 Hampton Blvd
Christiansburg, VA 99999

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I stayed here on the night of August 22 in Room 240. I didn't check for bedbug markings before staying in this room, but I wish I had. Over the next couple days, at least twenty bites had cropped up all over my body wherever my skin was exposed, mostly in clusters or lines. I have had bed bugs twice before and I know for certain that this is what it is. Just hoping I didn't bring them home with me... Anyway, traveler beware.

Stayed in room 149 on Dec 13/14. Mattress had a lot of marks at bottom corners under the ridge. Always check but was so tired forgot to til next a.m. 1st time I ever found anything so was not sure but think it was bed bug blood residue. Will not stay at this hotel again. Didn't get any bites BUT still feel itchy!

On Monday May 14th, after checking in, we went to the two adjacent rooms we had booked to inspect them before bringing in our suitcases. This is a habit of mine since I am paranoid about getting bedbugs. The first room appeared to be fine. The second room was not fine. We pulled the sheets and mattress covers back and the mattress had some questionable marks on it. I pulled back the mattress edge welt and there was a nymph bed bug. It was tiny and almost the color of the mattress but it was movi

ng and there was no denying what it was. We went straight back to the office and told the manager what we had seen. He seemed surprised and offered us two other rooms. We were too freaked out and didn't want to chance it. We decided to leave and we were refunded our money. We found another hotel that night in Blacksburg which was bug-free. It absolutely pays to check the mattress! It was a close call. I wish I could remember the number of the room. It may have been 117. It was on the first floor.

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