Fairfield Inn Christiansburg
2659 Roanoke St
Christiansburg, VA 24073-2607

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RE; Annonymous on 12/30/2015

We received an e-mail from the manager stating that the bug we found was a carpet beetle. We are satisfied with that answer and will stay at Fairfield Inns in the future.

My husband and I checked in and were assigned Room 310. Upon entering we started a bedbug check and found 2 between the wall and headboard. We immediately went down to the front desk and gave the receptionist the piece of paper with the bug. She was very nice about it but we left in a hurry.

My wife and I stayed at this hotel on August 30,2013. When we got up in the morning my wife noticed a small spot on my back and upon picking at it with her nail it fell on the bed. At this time it started to move and she put it in a tissue and went to the front desk to report we had a bedbug and she removed it from my back, I also had several other bites on my left leg at the time. (We took pics to verify). The girl at the desk was very good and she put it on a piece of paper and could see it mo

ving around. She then put it on a piece of tape so it would not be able to get away. She called her manager and was told to take $80 off the bill and that she could do nothing else and we would have to contact the general manager on Monday as she was off till then. We left at once and started home to NY. My wife called the general manager (Rebecca Gabris) on Monday and she said this was the first time that she had heard about it. Obviously the have a lack of communication between the staff and managers at this location. She said she would refund the rest of the money on the room and would have it checked out. She called back and left a message on our answering machine that she had the room checked out and that they found nothing else. One other employee at the time tried to pass it off as a tick! We both know the difference between tick bites and bedbugs, all one has to do is experience both and look at the images on line to see that what we had was a bedbug in our room. This room was rented out after we left and I am sure it is still being done. Such incompetence on the part of Fairfield is shocking. We burned our luggage and took all our clothes to the laundry to have them washed in hot water and dried on the hottest setting we could find. Hopefully this will take care of the problem for us but as for the hotel, I would never stay at a Fairfield or Marriott in the future as their lack of concern for their customers is unacceptable.

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