Fairfield Inn Richmond Chester
12400 Redwater Creek Rd
Chester, VA

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My wife and I booked a one night stay at this hotel on Aug. 24, 2010The hotel looked relatively well kept. The morning prior to our arrival, I watched a report on the Today Show ref bed bugs. We like most people have stayed in hundreds of hotels and didn't give it any thought. We did however take the necessary precautions such as placing your luggage on the rack near the bathroom area and so forth. We laid down at approximately 10PM that evening after a great night on the town. At 11:30PM I was

awakened by my wife's scream. As she frantically jumped from the bed and yelled "Bed Bugs, Bed Bugs!" Once I got my wits about me, I observed bed bugs (too many to count & all shapes and sizes) all over the sheets, comforter and the fake headboard. I received a bite on my leg, which the bed bug was still suckling as I jumped from the bed. We immediately contacted the front desk and notified the clerk. After making sure there were no bed bugs on our person, we retrieved our luggage from the bathroom area and proceeded to the front desk. The clerk of course disavowed any knowledge of reported bed bug incidents. I advised him that the size of the bugs and large infestation was indicative of an ongoing problem and that this couldn't have been the first reported incident. I killed several on the bed with a wash cloth just in case management thought we were making waves to get a freebie. We switched rooms from #329 to #231 downstairs. None the less, we didn't sleep at all that night. I stood watch over the wife while she tried to rest for her meeting. The manager called the next morning and apologized. He was very nice and comp'd our stay. Worst experience I've ever had at a hotel. We nuked our clothes and got rid of our carry bags as soon as we reached our driveway at home.

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