Intown Suites
2150 Old Greenbrier Rd
Chesapeake, VA

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InTown Suites regularly and proactively checks for these pests in every guest room. On the rare occasion we have an issue, we treat the problem aggressively in partnership with our national pest control provider.

Unfortunately, bed bugs are an ever-growing problem throughout the country and at all types of locations and businesses. However, we are working hard to keep them out of InTown Suites and will continue to make every effort to do so.

I was staying here and noticed that I was breaking out. My best friend had recently watched a documentary on bed bugs. She said that the bites looked like that. I went to the hotel and checked behind the headboard and under the matress and sure enough there was a ton. Management said we could deal with it or move. I still stay here, I just treat it myself b/c there is no where else to go.

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