Red Carpet Inn
405 Premier Cir
Charlottesville, VA

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We had been staying here for some time until our apartment was fixed. My family and I would wake up scratching because we would itch. I happened to fall asleep and my husband found two bed bugs crawling on my face and Two more on my pillow. The rooms are filthy and the housekeepers are pretty much close to being worthless. The rooms are always filthy and now my nights are spent restless because of being paranoid about the bugs. I haven’t bothered letting the front desk know because they seem t

o care just as much as the lazy housekeepers, not at all. There’s always police patrolling

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We checked in after a long night of driving, took a six hour nap, then realized that there were beg bugs in one of the beds. We did check before we got into bed, but apparently not good enough. We had not put anything on the floor, thank god. We put anything that had come in contact with the bed in a dryer set on high for at least 30 mins. What a nightmare with the staff. They wanted to come "verify" that there were bugs and proceeded to try to tell us that several bugs were actually lint, until

they started crawling around!!! We got our money back, but beware if you want to stay here! Room was a dump anyways but everywhere else was full!

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Nightmare.... Booked on line for two nights got in at 11:30 pm on 10/1/10 paid for room . when we got in room it was a dump. The shower was soaked like someone had just showered. As I was looking towards the bathroom a roach scurried across the shelf above where you hang your clothes . Upon further inspection I noticed that there were stink bugs all over the room. i pulled the covers back on the bed and there were hairs stuck all in the backside of the bedspread and roaches in the bed. So I

went to the lobby and told the night clerk that we would not be staying because of the bugs and right away he started yelling at me that he didi not have bugs and that it was too late to get a refund. he told me he could let me see another room. and i pointedly told him that i would look at another room but if it had bugs i would not be staying and that i was not accostume to staying in a room with bugs and he needed to look at the room we were in. He yelled alkl the way to the room that they did not have bugs. When we got to the room and showed him the bugs he said and i quote" you let them in" I looked direclty in his eyes and ask him if he had lost his mind. he still wanted to show me another room so on the way to look at another room i said again if there were bugs in that room we would not be staying. he then told me with that attitude i just needed to leave. so i did. He still charged my cc for one night stay. i promptly disputed. do yourself a favor and do not even consider this hotel

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