Super 8 Appomattox
[25-27] Rr 4
Appomattox, VA

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During our stay at this Super 8 in Appomattox on the night of Jan 15, 2021 I felt something bite my lower abdomen. Upon arising the next morning we searched the sheets perfunctorily and found nothing. But the wound became a boil that within three days required a bandage. It is still a nuisance today, Jan 21st, but I think it is healing.

The motel room (but not the bathroom) was dirty and disorganized in other respects. So it would not surprise me if there were also bed bugs therein.

Pulled bed spread back to lay down and notice black spots. Pick one up a smushed in my fingers and saw blood. Manager moved my room. Still not happy sleeping with my clothes on and not unzipping my bags

On Monday, October 8, 2012, my husband and I checked into the hotel. I have heard of bed bugs being everywhere and I read up on how to check for them. I thought I had done a good job of doing so. Within 10 minutes, we noticed a stink beetle on the ceiling. We disposed of it. Five minutes later, another two appeared on the ceiling. We looked at the air conditioning unit and there was a colony of the beetles. The manager came up and vacuumed them out and turned on the A/C. Only one more ap

peared before bedtime. Already creeped out, I slept very lightly. Around 2 a.m. I was in my queen size bed and felt a small insect on the mattress. I thought it might be a moth or something, smashed it, and rolled over for a few more fitful hours of sleep. I purposely left it alone until morning to see what I had killed. It was a small bug, maybe about 1/2 inch in length. I had never seen it before but figured it might be a waterbug. We had been told by the manager that since we were so close to the Virginia woods, there were lots of bugs around. Okay, I was a bit too curious, I'm afraid. I looked up "bed bug" on my computer while sitting in the room. I was SICK! I had killed a bed bug. No doubt about it. I had never seen one before and thought they were smaller. Nope. This was a bed bug. We raced out of there ASAP. Fortunately, I had put our suitcases into large garbage bags (always do these days at hotels), but I came home and washed and heat dried EVERYTHING. I'm still itching just thinking about my first encounter with a bed bug in a hotel. I'll never go to Super 8 in Appomattox again!

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