Super 8S Jordan
10722 S 300 W
South Jordan, UT 84095

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Stayed in this Hotel for 4 nights, on my last night as I was laying there watching TV, a bed bug crawled over my pillow. I snapped a picture and took it to the front desk the following morning, after stripping down the bed, putting my suitcase in the shower, put two chairs together to make a bed. The hotel clerk said that they would take care of this. But after reading previous reports it appears that their "TAKE CARE OF", means something else than what I think it should mean. I have tossed ever

ything, and will NEVER go back to that hotel, nor will I recommend this place to anyone staying on the Wasatch Front. South Jordan usually has a high ticket price for everything and brings in a lot of retail, shopping, food and I used to love staying in the area. Maybe we should make the hotel staff stay here themselves. They did not offer me another room, or anything. I will definitely stay somewhere else from now on.

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Just found this site! We were here last Sept 2010 just after checking in I was reading in bed and saw a bed bug crawl across the sheets. I jumped out and with heart pounding started to strip the bed. We found more and I managed to trap one in a cup and put it in a zip lock bag. When we went to the front desk to get a refund and leave, the cleark gave us a hard time denying that they had bugs. It was a terrible experience.

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