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We take the issue of bedbugs very seriously and are on the forefront of preventing and eliminating these pests. In fact, our internal prevention, detection and treatment plans, far exceed the requirements of our national pest control provider.

Our pest control provider has performed a thorough inspection of this particular room. Although no bed bugs or bed bug evidence was found, we will continue to monitor the room closely and will treat it aggressive

ly if needed.

We have refunded the guest all money paid and certainly regret this event. We remain committed to preventing these pests at our locations and will take all appropriate measures to do so.

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After the second night of staying I was told by Larry J. Mitchell (General Manager)after reporting they had bedbugs w/ bites all over my body that he personal checked room #312 (Only Turned Mattress)and was trained to detected these things, that there were no sighs of an infestation and I must be allergic to the detergent used to clean the sheets? After feeling I was being lied to again, Clearly seeing signs of classic "Bedbug droppings, I was able to trapped a live one and personal bring it too

his the front office (still in my possession w/ photos just in case) I was offered another room but I declined and removed myself from the property after he offered a full refund. The bumps have not gone away yet and I'm keeping a detailed record of these events! Again, Just in case.

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