Super 8 Moab
889 N Main St
Moab, UT

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Stayed in the super 8 In Moab Ut for work. By the second night I started to realize I was breaking out with red bumps every where by the third day my arms where covered in welts. My room was infested with bed bugs. Went to the manager and asked if they had an issue with bed bugs and was told. Every hotel has bed bug issues. So I took that as a yes. Right away I moved to another hotel. They did not seam to care one at all. Stay away

11/23/14 was our second night in this room got up about 830pm to go to the bathroom and saw a bug running across the floor. We inspected it pretty close and looked up pictures of bed bugs on the internet. I can't say 100% that I have properly identified that bug, but sure enough to write a report and strongly suggest you be careful!!

Stayed at the Super 8 in Moab the nights of 10/10, 10/11 and 10/12, 2010, in "King Suite", Room 221.
On the 11th, at about noon I began to break out in hundreds of red welts on my hands, arms, shoulder, feet, legs, stomach, and buttocks, mostly on my right side, as I slept on my right side, facing the edge of the bed. The front of my right thigh was bitten so badly, that there was an almost solid, one inch wide band of welts from my knee to my hip, along a line that followed where the mattress

met the front of my thigh when laying on the bed. I was in excruciating pain for days as the bites continued to manifest themselves on a "time delay" basis for the next few days. The scarring on the front of my thigh now appears to be permanent, as it is still visible now, 6 months after the incident. Needless to say, our trip to Moab was ruined.

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stayed one night, the sunday night of labor day weekend, with my family, woke up to find bed bugs all over the beds and mutliple bites on us, hotel management didn't seem to care, didn't want to come take a look, didn't offer any advice what to do to ensure we didn't take them home with us either, ended up paying an exterminator to treat


I stayed at the Moab, UT Super 8 Motel, room 221, the nights of 10/22 & 23 2010. Upon returning home 10/24/2010 I discovered that I was covered in red welts, which became progressively more evident and widespread by the next day. My back, arms, left upper buttock and left leg are covered in bites in the characteristic three-bite pattern of bedbugs. This became so unbearable by this AM that I went to the local Urgent Care Clinic. The physician confirmed these condition as bed bug bi

tes. I called the motel a few hours ago and got a rather dismissive response from the manager, "Ken". I may contact an attorney, as from other reports on this site the management must be aware of the hotel's condition.

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I stayed at this motel in late June, and by the evening of the following day, was covered with red welts that fit the description I found for bedbug bites.

We stayed at the Super 8 the week of August 23rd and woke up covered in bites. We checked the beds and, sure enough, found bed bugs.

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