Ramada Inn
182 S Main St
Moab, UT

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On Friday, 10/3/14, we stayed at this hotel, and after leaving the next morning, discovered that my husband had bedbug bites in a line from the
middle of his scalp down to his right eyelid...
The bite closest to his eye is at the corner of the eye and it quite swollen and irritated. Upon notifying the hotel, they advised they checked the room and no bed bugs were found. They did say he could have contacted them on an upholstered seat, such as in a restaurant, or movie theater. We ate at

ZAX and not in a booth, so I don't believe that applies, and no movie theater either. No refund or accommodation of any kind was given and we have no good words to say about this Ramada Inn.

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2nd week of August I stayed at this location. 2nd morning my fiancee had bites all over her arm. We thought it my have been mosquitos or something from hiking the day before but the next morning she had even more bites- Neck, back of her arms, etc. I didn't get bit as badly as she did our I just had a different reaction to them but that's just disgusting.

I spoke to mgmt and he discounted our rate and moved us to a different room. He also verified that he found them in our prior room upon

inspection. No additional compensation for having to clean and dry all of our clothes, gear, boots, and more.

I think we should have been reimbursed the whole length of our stay. I'll never stay at this property again.

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8/15/13 - we discovered live, enormous bed bugs in the room, luckily before falling asleep. Although the staff was helpful finding alternative accommodation for the night, they did not offer to compensate us for the room or for our laundry, discarded clothing, etc. We instead had to come back the next day to confirm the room would be reimbursed. The manager did refund us, but said when they inspected the room they only saw dead bugs, which we had seen was not the case the night before. Regardles

s, even if all the bed bugs were dead, the mattress should have been cleaned thoroughly or replaced.

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