La Quinta San Marcos
1619 N I H 35
San Marcos, TX 78666

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La Quinta takes all claims seriously and the safety and comfort of our guests are the paramount concerns. Upon notification from the guest on 6/22/11 the room was sealed as were the rooms adjacent to the room in question. Our independent third party pest control vendor, ECOLAB, was called out for inspection of the room. The report of no insect activity in the room was supplied to the guest. With the finding of a multi million dollar national company specializing in insect detection and eradi

cation being NEGATIVE for activity, this report should be disregarded as qualified experts have dismissed the claim.

Anthony Snyder
General Manager

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My husband's company gets a corporate rate at LaQuinta, therefore, he is forced to stay at their establishments. He came home June 21, 2011 from the above-referenced hotel just eaten alive with bedbugs! He is an insulin dependant diabetic and was running a fever, and, of course, itching like mad. He had to go to the doctor to get something for the itching and to arrest the fever. We have been told by exterminators they do not charge a set fee to get rid of them; instead, you pay by the hour!

Those hours can add up as they are very difficult to kill. They can lie dormant for 18 months! If I didn't eat for 18 months, I would not be a plus size woman.

Don't know how how long it will take us to get rid of them. We will have to exterminate his vehicle as well as he drove from San Marcos to Dallas with his suitcase. Furniture, dog, vehicle, suitcase, all his clothes in the closet as he put his suitcase away and his dirty clothes in the hamper (well trained, I know);everything has to be exterminated. Now, if they get into my closet, that is another story. I am a clotheshorse and have so many clothes, hats, purses, etc. in that closet, well. . .them's fighting words, for sure!

He called the hotel, but the manager allegedly was having some minor surgery and would not be back for three (3) days. I am ready to wear a sandwich sign and go to San Marcos and pickett that hotel, if it wasn't so blasted hot here in Texas! They had to have known their hotel was infested and did nothing.

San Marcos is a college town and I know there will be a great deal of parents going there for orientation with their college bound freshmen. Beware, folks. It ain't pretty, believe me and, of course, it will prove to be extremely expensive. That's where the lawyers will come into play as we will have to pass that onto LaQuinta. I don't know where the liability lies, but I do know we will most likely have to file suit against their establishment. My worries are with my diabetic husband. He has had diabetes for nearly 30 years and the stress, the bit locations and the medicine have already affected his glucose levels. Stay tuned. . .

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